Given By Rev. Steve Meineke June 10 2018

Our reading from 2 Corinthians has Paul assuring the church in Corinth that the power of God is in the spirit of the community and provides them with hope that will outlast any problems. Paul understood the power of community to create hope. Everyone deserves a physical home as well as an emotional and spiritual home for their soul. Pilgrim strives to help with these needs. A house is not always a home. A home is more than just a house. When people think of home, it brings to mind not just a place (building, neighborhood, city, country), but the people that we feel close to emotionally and spiritually (family, friends). Relationships build connections.  Caring communities help us feel like we belong. Home gives us hope that enable us to survive difficult circumstances. The outer appearance does not always reflect the inner spirit of a community. We can receive inspiration from a caring community. It does not matter what your financial situation is. You can be financially poor but have a rich sense of community. All need a home, both physically and spiritually.