Given By Rev Madison Shockley on August 12, 2018
There are five stages of grief. These stages are not just for the loss of a loved one but for any loss; a job, a relationship, etc. Denial helps us survive the loss. As the denial fades, anger begins. The more you feel, the sooner it shall dissipate. The next stage is bargaining. We want life to return to normal. We deal in “what if’s”. We try to think what we could have done differently. The fourth stage is depression. Grief is now felt at a deeper level. Last is acceptance. This reality is permanent. The text today deals with the second stage, anger. There are real things to be angry about. This is the anniversary of Charlottesville. Our LGBT community is under assault. The topic of reproductive rights is in the news. At the border, the government is separating families. The reading talks about these feelings of anger. It is good to feel angry but warns not to have that anger lead to sin. We must choose our words and actions as we respond to those we disagree with. Our love must be greater than our anger. We must live in love.