Given By Rev. Dr. Mike Vaughn April 28, 2019

There is power in asking good questions. Better questions bring better answers. Great questions can lead to stronger faith. Pilgrim is a bucket full of questions about how God’s teachings are being enacted in this world. This week’s reading is about someone who was not there when Jesus visited the disciples and showed them his hands and feet.  Now that Easter is finished,  everything is still not perfectly clear. People have questions just like Thomas. This is a story about the benefit of doubt. We should call Thomas redoubtable. This word means formidable, powerful, or awe-inspiring.  Doubt is not the opposite of faith. Thomas had the courage to speak up about what he believed. This was not the first time Thomas spoke up. Earlier, he told Jesus he did not understand what “the way” was. He had the courage to ask questions and make noise. We need to speak up for what we believe in. We can’t wait for someone else to speak up for injustice, discrimination, or those who have no voice. Jesus’s way is leading us on a difficult path. It is not taking the easy route. Thomas’s courageous doubting leads us to a stronger faith. Pilgrim, ask questions, for that is the Way.