Given By Rev. Madison Shockley June 30, 2019

Soon it will be the season where we select our leaders for our country. We need to pay attention since the decision we make will effect the world. With great power and wealth comes great responsibility. Are leaders born or breed? Probably a bit of both. Church can be an important influence on someone’s life.  In biblical literature, leaders are “called”. It gives them their identity and their mission. Some examples are Moses and Jesus. In our reading, Elisha asks for a double portion of Elijah’s spirit so he can carry on the mission of being a prophet.  What do we look for in a leader? Some qualities are integrity, courage, intelligence, compassion, clear vision, and optimism. We must remember that most leaders are not elected. Not everyone elected is a leader. We are all considered leaders for we speak out when needed. We suffer for saying the truth. It seems that we have a choice, succeed or tell the truth. Keep going! Our congregation is special. Each of us has a call story. Look within and find the source of your power. Find your vision.