Given By Rev. Madison Shockley August 4, 2019

Today, we must deal with the news of three mass shootings. The Rev. Shockley shows us the Gospel is still relevant to our lives. Human nature is the same as it was when the Gospels were written. In the readings, there is a rich person with lots of money. He is thinking about how he can fill his barn so he will lack for nothing. He died before he could do fulfill that plan. Jesus suggests that one can be rich without having money. One’s worth has nothing to do with material things. One must find fulfillment with other things. We must guard against greed. We ask the question; how would you spend your last day if you knew you were going to die?  We should spend each day doing something meaningful. The shooter in El Paso thought about this question and wrote the answer on social media before he began his rampage. He filled his barn with hate. This reveals that he was not happy or fulfilled in his life. Our only hope is love.