Given By Mr. Eric LeCompte September 22, 2019

We are all on a journey. There are moments in our lives that are meaningful to us as we try to live in community with each other.  Mr. LeCompte shared one such moment in his life.  We are all children of God. As part of a community, we share our joys and our concerns. The idea of the Jubilee Promise begins in Genesis. Because God loved us so much, he created a resource rich environment for us. We are often closest to God when we share in that abundance.  It continues with several passages saying every seven years, debt is forgiven,  slaves are set free, and the land allowed to rest.  The Jubilee Promise was so important, that Hebrew laws were written to ensure that no one lived in poverty and inequality was addressed. Jesus began his ministry proclaiming the great year of Jubilee. Today’s reading describes the story of Jesus explaining this to those around him.  It is a reminder to us today that we are responsible to fulfill that promise too. Jubilee U. S. A. works tirelessly to fulfill that promise. Together, we can continue to fulfill the Jubilee Promise to all.