Given By Rev. Madison Shockley October 8, 2019

Making friends can be difficult once we leave school. Out in the real world, we are among people who may not shared our background, experiences, or interests. Many people join a church to connect with others. Today’s scripture talks about this. Being one body of Christ, we need to work together. We need that friendship in order to work effectively. As we look around today, there is division within our families, our country as well as around the world. Rev. Shockley shared some statistics on how geography plays a part in this division. Geographical diversity has all but disappeared. We have divided ourselves into comfort zones. There is a connection between our geography and our ideology and politics.  Geography is destiny. Do we have the love, patience, grace, and forgiveness to be multicultural as well as multi-racial? Pilgrim is starting the Community Building Initiative today. We are challenged to get to know each other in this safe place.