Given by Rev. Madison Shockley January 19, 2020

Inspirited…a new word to express what happens when one is inspired. It describes what happened when Jesus was baptized. The movement of the “spirit” is like a dove. John the Baptist was sent to baptize as many people as possible. One of those people would be special, he would see the spirit descend and remain. This person would be sent by God to do His work.  When we are baptized, we open ourselves to receive that spirit in our lives. John the Baptist experienced Jesus becoming in-spirit-ed. Many of us have experienced a time when we felt a sensation that was so special we are changed. The technical term is piloerection , more commonly known as psychogenic shivers (chills, goose bumps). Certain social situations can trigger this such as when a group experiences something special at the same time. This may have been what happened at the river with John the Baptist. Those who experience these are open and curious. They are ready for new possibilities and changes. To lead a full life, we must be open to change. We believe a new world is possible. We all have the spirit. Be open to it!