Given by Rev. Madison Shockley February 9, 2020

Recent events in our nation require us to ask what kind of nation are we. We are looking at what happened at the National Prayer Breakfast. Prayer is important. We need to be clear about the purposes and practice of prayer in our country.  One does not accuse someone of being insincere about their faith. These comments were spoken by the president after the keynote address by Arthur  C. Brooks. Currently, we have an atmosphere of contempt and polarization in our country. Mr. Brooks spoke of Jesus’s words to love your neighbor as well as your enemy. Jesus asks us to pray for our enemies. This was a new way of thinking then and, it seems, now. The problem is how. It does not matter that we disagree. We are all Americans who love our country. No one is stupid or evil.  We all love someone who we disagree with. Only with love, we can hope to talk with others. It is not easy. We need to pray for healing, not just for the president but for our nation as well.

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