Given by Rev. Madison Shockley March 1, 2020

Lent is a time of somber reflection. Standing in God’s love allows us to confess and be transformed. The human condition is both a curse and a blessing. Our consciousness tells us what is going on in this world. There is a lot of tragedy happening. This is our curse. Our consciousness compels us to respond. The reading tells us the story of Jesus in the wilderness. Walking helps us learn who we are and what our lives can mean. Jesus lived his life for the world. The first temptation involved the instinct to survive. Our consciousness does not allow us to do anything just to survive. A line is drawn. We consider how our actions affect those around us; people, animals, or the environment. We need to consider our perceived needs versus our true needs. The second temptation is one of narcissism. We are not the most important species on the planet. The last temptation is one of idolatry versus true worship. Materialism or commercialism is not living a true life. We are all children of God. We are responsible for that connection. Let your conscious be your guide to the world around you.