Given by Steve Meineke March 22, 2020

During this season of Lent, we are talking about our spiritual health. Since we are experiencing a global pandemic currently, health is on our minds already. The disease we are talking about today is guilt. Contrary to most people’s belief, guilt is not always bad. According to Dr. Edward Stein, guilt is a special form of anxiety experienced by humans. We feel this when life principles are violated. It begins with love and can only be cured with love. Guilt can motivate us to do better. Lent is a time to reflect on our lives. We are reminded our our own sinfulness. We try to connect with Jesus’s suffering. Today, we are reminded that sometimes we do things which perpetuate the very evils we are trying to save the world from. While those who are white fight racism in others, we can overlook the “white privilege” in ourselves. We fight against the sins of society yet rarely turn an eye inward.  Without sin, there is no place for guilt. By acknowledging our sin, we are closer to God. God’s grace is healing. God is love. Embrace your healthy guilt.

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