Given by Rev. Madison Shockley, Sarah Henry and Jaime Romo May 31, 2020

Today, we are discussing the topic of the mistreatment of children based on religious beliefs. One example of this is conversion therapy. While this therapy has been discredited, there are still a few who still practice it. Its roots are from traditional religious beliefs. The medical community had turned away from this in the 1970’s.  Recently, books and movies have turned a spotlight on this topic.  Laws are being passed to ban the use of conversion therapy. Unfortunately, some of these laws have exemptions for religious advisors. There is not a clear definition of what/who is a religious advisor. This type of therapy program has been redefined so it can get around these new laws. Religious communities are either inclusive or exclusive. People of faith need to join with the secular to end this issue definitively. In an attempt to be faithful, parents who just want to help their children, end up harming them instead. God stopped Abraham from harming Isaac. God does not want any child harmed. Our faith has evolved. Religion should not be used to justify harm.