Given by Rev. Madison Shockley July 12, 2020

Our parable today asks the question of what word is being sown. It is implied that it is Jesus’s message about the arrival of the Empire of God. There are different interpretations of what the Empire of God means in different theological frames. The Individual frame believes God will save the individual of faith. The Civil Religion frame believes God will save the “empire” that has faith.  Constantine followed this frame and led to the belief in American exceptionalism.  Another frame is the Prosperity frame. If you believe in God, then you will prosper.  The Liberation frame believes the God of the oppressed is at work in the world to save them from their oppressors. This frame is what is leading the protest movement around the world today. The Progressive frame believes that the message of Jesus is revealed at the moment as to what brings human life into harmony with God. This message is love. At this moment, the message is Black Live Matter. This is an international movement. It potentially can change the world. Now the question is what kind of soil are you? You could be like the path. You heard the message but lack a deeper understanding. You could be like the shallow soil. You participate but when confronted by those that disagree, you turn away. You could be like the thorny soil. You agree but are too busy to help or join. The cares of the world prevent you from joining. Hopefully, you are a loamy soil. You are fertile. You make a difference with your participation. You create change/growth. You are committed. May you be the loamy christian and make this a permanent movement of change.