Given by Rev. Dr. James M. Lawson September 13,

We are honored to have with us today, the esteemed Dr. James Lawson. The readings tells us the kingdom of God is at hand. These readings were chosen since the message of Christianity does not coincide with the teachings of Jesus. The words “kingdom of God” is mentioned in the gospels over 150 times yet prayer is mentioned less than 10 times and worship less than 20 times. There is no mention of reproductive rights, sexuality, dying for our sins, or hating the enemy. Jesus talks about a world where all are sustained. Poverty is eradicated. Legal justice is available to all. Paul and Peter ask what kind of people are we in God’s light. This is the main concern of the gospels. The turmoil today is both spiritual and moral. Some people seem to have lost a part of their soul. It is our responsibility to push our lives in order to grasp what it is to be alive and fully human and fully loving. Let the God in us become the way we live in family and community. We must reflect God in the world. We must be the people of God in heaven while on earth. A path of nonviolence and love is transformative.  What a different place our city, county, state, country, and world would be. Let your life be the message of Jesus.

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