Given by Prof. Melina Abdulla October 4, 2020

Black Lives Matter is not just a social justice or racial movement. It is a spiritual movement. We must remember that Jesus was also a person killed by the state. As Christians, it is not enough to say Black lives matter but to MAKE Black lives matter. Faith without works is nothing. We must do work that transforms the world. Professor Abdulla reminds us of the birth of the BLM movement on July 13, 2013. It was not just a moment in history. We can’t just tinker around the edges of reform. We must upend a system that intentionally puts a target on minorities. There is a spiritual component to all movements. According to James, works alone is not enough. There must be faith. We must also think about what kind of work we do to reach our goal. Is it enough? We need to use our voices. We must help make God’s vision of a world where everyone has what they need come true. Honor God with your work.

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