Given by Rev. Madison Shockley December 20, 2020

Our passage tells the story of the visit by an angel to Mary. The angel reminds her that nothing is impossible with God. For Luke, the theological assertion that Jesus was special to God and the evidence was shown throughout Jesus’s life was the most important point. This explains the early birth before the marriage was consummated. This marked the start of an extraordinary life. It also marks the start of Mary’s mission. This follows a pattern: a greeting, the problem, the challenge, a reward and a disclaimer.  Today, we are like Mary. We are ordinary folk just trying to live our lives. God is sending us a Christmas message. It is a reminder of how to live our lives. The church acts like the angel. It tells us of God’s challenge to us. The world is in chaos. Our mission is to conceive a way to unify our community/nation/world. We can succeed and help bring back some normalcy, justice, compassion, and love. Nothing is impossible with God.