Given by Rev. Madison Shockley January 3, 2021

Happy New Year everyone! Never has there been a more anticipated new year than 2021. Quoting the poet, Kahlil Gibran, Rev. Shockley describes how our sorrow relates to joy. The deeper the sorrow, the greater the feelings of joy. New Year’s Day is a turning point. We can have the life we want or be the person we want to be. This day embodies hope and joy. Everything is possible. This year the entire world has one common resolution, to bring the pandemic to an end. The prophet, Jeremiah, suggested the people of Israel celebrate, even though they were still in the middle of a disaster. Celebrate because there was hope on the horizon. Although we are still battling COVID, there is a light in sight. Although we have a nation divided, there is hope that we can come together. We can work together to bring a new and better day. We must live the life we hope for every day. Go and celebrate!