Given by Neal Washburn January 24, 2021

Our topic today is the call of God to each of us. The prophet Jonah is called to serve but he refuses with uncommon determination. One would think he is a lousy prophet. This is actually a common response. There are many stories of people not accepting the call of God at first. Some never accept. Others take years before they accept. In contrast, the disciples put down everything and followed Jesus. Those answering the call say it gave them a sense of being where they needed to be. The call is a personal matter. Each is unique. The call means you are doing something meaningful. It does not mean you must be a minister, priest, or nun. You can be called to service.  You can see a world beyond ourselves. There is a difference between career (go round and round) and vocation (to call). At Pilgrim, we have people who teach, people who are committed to social justice, and many other causes. We each have been called to serve. Sometimes we feel like the cost is too high, the change too much. We need to trust God. Go and answer the call.