Given by Rev. Madison Shockley February 28, 2021

The further we go in the Lenten season, the higher the stakes become. Jesus is concerned with more profound dimensions of self-denial. He wants to know what you are willing to give up for your life and follow him. It is about your soul. Today, society is asking about saving the soul of America. This means reparations for Black Americans. Their labor funded the economy yet they did not profit. Their descendants did not profit. You did not have to have owned slaves to have reaped the benefits of slavery. These profits were invested in not only businesses but colleges and churches from New England to the South. After the assassination of Lincoln, white supremacy organizations sought to deprive Blacks of their rights as citizens. They were robbed of their land, fair wages, voting rights, and their homes. The only way to be free is when whites are freed of their burden. The way to equality is not easy. We must follow Jesus. You must set your mind on divine, not worldly things. The self-denial is white privilege. Our cross is reparations. Take it up and follow Jesus.