Given by Rev. Madison Shockley March 7, 2021

Our message today comes from Paul’s letter to the Corinthians. The message about the cross is about the power of God. Martyrs throughout history have inspired others to finish the task they sacrificed their life for. Lincoln was a martyr. Lincoln was killed by a white supremacist because of his belief in equality. News of his death reverberated around the world. One of the many condolences sent spoke of Lincoln’s sacrifice as a new baptism in the fight for freedom. Trayvon Martin’s death began the BLM movement. George Floyd’s death saw a world-wide protest against police brutality and blacks dying at the hands of police. Just like crucifixion, it was public, painful, and humiliating.  In the past, this method of death was for enemies of the state. Jesus was an enemy of the Roman Empire. A martyr’s death elevates their cause beyond what it was when they were alive. People get energized and “woke”.  As a follower of Jesus, is there more we can do? We must give a piece of ourselves and redouble our efforts as Christians. Lift up those pushed down and welcome all to the table! Reveal the power of God.