Given by Rev. Madison Shockley March 28, 2021

Today’s reading tells the story of Jesus entering Jerusalem. It is described in a similar way as a returning Roman general who was triumphant or that general entering a conquered city. Jesus was neither of these. The story seems more like what we see today before a big boxing match. The two competitors entering an arena with much fanfare. This would be the Roman Empire versus the local hero, Jesus. People saw Jesus delivering them from the oppressive Romans. The gospel writers want a dramatic set-up for later events.  The writers had to reconcile history with their hopes. Rome may have won the battle but Jesus won the war. Life under the Romans only led to death. Living a life in the way of Jesus brought life.  This is why the early Christians risked their lives. This applies to us today. Do we live life according to the American way of life or do we live according to the way of Jesus? The way of Jesus is life and we are all one in Christ Jesus.