Given by Jamie Romo May 23, 2021

Today is Pentecost and Safe Church Sunday. Pilgrim has strived to make this a welcoming and safe space for all. Our Safe Church policies are continuing to be reviewed and up-dated. Pentecost was a day that the disciples were touched by the Holy Spirit. They can be heard and understood by all despite the language barriers. The Spirit comes to each of us in a unique way. Whether it is in dreams, visions, fire, wind, or something else, we are given inspiration to grow spiritually and communicate with God. This year has seen grief. This grief helps us move to a deeper connection to our faith. The disciples were grieving but had to let go of Jesus and move to a richer faith. The church offers a place to bring that pain and be safe. We share this burden and help advocate for justice. We are called to continue growing and widen our focus to the world outside the church building. We fight for change.