Given by Rev. Madison Shockley June 20, 2021

Today we celebrate Father’s Day and the return to in-person services. June is also Pride Month. Our reading talks about David and Jonathan feeling like their souls were bound to each other. Their love was greater than the love of women. This was a love story. When David came to King Saul after defeating Goliath, Jonathan saw him and was smitten. King Saul did not like this relationship but could not stop it. David and Jonathan made of covenant of love. Marriage equality benefits all. Equality is not based on your gender. A couple’s roles and responsibilities have been reevaluated. The reason they are together has evolved. Marriage is now based on a friendship of two loving people. If we are to live in peace and harmony, we must have friendship. Only through friendship can we learn to love our fellow inhabitants of our planet. We need love to live together in unity and peace.