Given by Rev. Dr. Beth Johnson August 22, 2021

Our guest speaker is from Palomar Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Vista. In this troubled world, we must band together. By doing so, we find hope. Hope can show up even in the face of despair. Hope is waiting to be found. It shows up in small ways. Life can be beautiful and sometimes, heart-breaking. We make our way the best we can. This heart-break can be tragic since some things are unavoidable. Sometimes heart-break is the result of evil. This evil is preventable suffering. The persons and systems that perpetrate and perpetuate these evils should be eliminated. That is our goal. This is a challenge though. Life must be lived with eyes-wide-open. We don’t know what the future will be or exactly how to fix the problems we have. That is ok. Wishing or blind optimism is not what we need. We mourn, we rage, and then we act. We evolve. We make a new world, transformed. Our tears water our hope. Everything we do matters. We go forth in faith. Take a moment, breathe, push, and hope. Remember whose child you are. Go to the well and replenish your spirit. We need each other. Together, there is always hope.
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