Given by Rev. Madison Shockley November 28, 2021

The sermon today is inspired by the Ahmaud Arbery verdict. Three men were convicted of his murder. This was a quick decision by the jury. The evidence was clear.  Ahmaud was a victim of racist vigilantes who resented this black man for refusing their command to stop and talk to them. White privilege kills. This case was won despite the inequality within the justice system. The bar for justice is set much higher for black individuals than for white. While this is a sign of hope, there is still a lot of work to do. Recent changes have been made which will help. Georgia has passed a hate crimes law and repelled the citizens arrest law. Still some laws can be used to harass blacks while doing ordinary activities. Systemic racism must be dismantled piece by piece. Black lives matter. We need faith in the face of persecution. We gather together to support each other just as the letter to the Thessalonians tells us. May this be the first sign of the justice to come.