Given by Rev. Madison Shockley February 6, 2022

Today’s passage is mentioned in the gospels to help explain why those exposed to the Good News failed to understand that God was working through the life and ministry of Jesus. God is ready to receive each of us without us having to do anything.  God is all around us, we just need to look and see. Once we see what is going on, we can turn in a new direction and repent. Some will not believe what they see or hear. Their eyes are wide shut. Today we see and hear people who spout misinformation. It is everywhere. This can harm people. Whether this is about COVID, government, history or something else, misinformation prevents people from understanding the world. Some want to shield their children from the more unseemly aspects of our own history. Sometimes the truth makes people uncomfortable. It is the prophet’s job to make the comfortable uncomfortable. Lies and misinformation only hinders our ability to grow as a nation and heal as a community and find equality for all.