Given by Rev. Madison Shockley March 20, 2022

There are two creation stories in Genesis. The first story is a story of blessing. Humanity is created as a whole and is expansive. It is one of equality.  The second is a story of shame. Humanity is created sequentially, male first, then female. This would eventually lead to a patriarchal society.  This story is limited and restrictive. It sets up the story of The Fall from innocence to moral depravity. We tend to ignore the first story and dwell on the second. It has dominated our culture for centuries. We cannot blame our human predicament on the story though. Humans wrote the story to explain our predicament.  Men wanted to show divine support for patriarchy and keep their power and control. Jesus was born into this culture. He adopted a different style of life. He chose celibacy. This idea brings to mind vestral virgins or the priesthood. Celibacy outside of an institution was a radical concept. It freed men from power and obligations. For women, it was freedom from a husband, childbirth, and oppression. Women who followed Jesus sought a way of liberation and freedom. Liberation Theology offers a different perspective for the established readings as well as alternative texts to those readings. We see that patriarchy is the curse and equality is the blessing.