Given by Rev. Madison Shockley April 17, 2022

Happy Easter! Resurrection is a difficult concept. Unlike Jesus’s birth, his resurrection was not an observable event. In order to reverse the death of Jesus, the writers talk about an empty tomb. The early writers were not talking about a bodily resurrection. They sought a moral and spiritual vindication of the life that Jesus lived. The angels divert the disciples away from the tomb saying what you seek cannot be found there. People were to now live their lives in submission to the Empire of God, not the Roman Empire. Their commitment to this life might mean death in order to receive eternal life. Jesus set them and us free from eternal death. The point was never to prove resurrection but to simply believe in it. Resurrection is hope not history. It is faith, not fact. The Empire of God is for everyone, not just the elite. We walk in the Way. We are the Body of Christ!