Today’s reading from Jeremiah talks about his call to ministry. It took Jeremiah time before he fully embraced his calling. At the beginning of his ministry, he is not yet bold or courageous. God had called Jeremiah to speak truth to power even before his birth. At first, Jeremiah tells God he has the wrong guy. Few people, even today, believe they are ready to accept the call to ministry. We can come up with many reasons why we are not the right person for the job. God has faith in us though. Our congregation have answered God’s call several times. In the 80’s and 90’s, we became one of the first churches to support those with HIV and AIDS. We became an Open and Affirming church. Support for reproductive justice, employee rights, ending homelessness, and migrant workers rights followed. We respond to the needs of the community around us. This past summer we have made many decisions that will effect us for years to come. Next week, we will make another. Do we become a sanctuary church? This is a big decision and not to be taken lightly. May we be open to God’s call.