Given By Rev Anna Runion on October 14, 2018

Today is Coming Out Sunday. The reading today tells the story of Esther.  She is taking control of her life. Mordechai orders her to reveal her heritage and save her people. She has done everything her guardian has asked up to this point. Now she balks at this new order. She lets him know just how much is at stake by revealing her secret. She was not going to be just a pawn. Esther tells Mordechai to trust that she knows what she is doing on how and when she will do this task. We can learn a few things from Esther. Those in position of privilege can use it to benefit others. When one person is at risk, we are all at risk. The specific how, why, and when are up to us. Whether you are a supporter or the person coming out, it is a personal event. It is between you, God, and your gut.