Given by Children OF Pilgrim December 24 2019

The children of Pilgrim Church explain the meaning of the many decorations we associate with Christmas. The evergreen tree does not go dormant during winter. The green represents our everlasting life with Jesus. The ornaments represent the blessings in our lives. Candy canes, besides tasting great, also has several meanings.  Held upright, it looks like a shepherd’s crook. Shepherds were one of the first to see Jesus after his birth. Held upside down, it looks like the letter “J” which is the first initial of Jesus. The colors of a candy cane also have meaning. The red represents the blood of Jesus on the cross. The white represents the purity of Jesus. There are three stripes which represent the trinity. Stars are a heavenly sign of prophecy. It represents the shining hope for mankind. A star led the wise men to Jesus. Christmas lights and candles shine in the darkness. We are the light. We share our light in a world filled with darkness.  We are that beacon of hope. Bells help guide sheep back to the flock. Jesus is our shepherd calling us back to him and God.  The angel of God appeared before the shepherds proclaiming the good new of Jesus’s birth. An angel is a messenger to everyone in the world. A wreath is a circle without end. Jesus’s love for us has no beginning or end. The wise men brought presents for Jesus. Jesus is the greatest gift to us. We must remember the true meaning of Christmas.