March 2022

A Moment in Women’s History~ Black Women in Law

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Given by Wilma Owens March 6, 2022 at Pilgrim UCC in Carlsbad CA We continue our spotlight on some of the African American women in the area of law that are inspiring. Today we highlight Barbara Jordan, Lani Guinier, and Marian Wright Edelman, the rebels with a cause. The last person is Mahala Ashley Dickerson. ...

February 2022

Moment of Concern~Jubilee USA Eric LeCompte

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Given by Eric LeCompte February 20, 2022 Eric LeCompte is the executive director of Jubilee USA. He wanted to thank us for our support of the work being done. The pandemic response funds are helping developing countries get vaccines. There is progress on debt relief, disaster relief, climate change, and poverty. There is more work ...


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Given by Shree McGruder February 13, 2022 A brief history of the town of Allensworth, founded in 1908 and named after Colonel Allen Allensworth. This is the first town in California to be established exclusively by African Americans. The central part of the town is currently the Colonel Allensworth Historic Park. Video: 

A MOMENT IN BLACK HISTORY ~Fort Pillow Massacre, Reginald Owens

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Given by Reginald Owens February 6, 2022 The Fort Pillow Massacre occurred on April 12, 1864 in Tennessee. Some three hundred Union soldiers, many African-Americans, were killed even though they had surrendered. The Confederacy refused to treat these troops as traditional prisoners of war. This was one of the most controversial events of the Civil ...

October 2021

August 2021

“White Too Long” a conversation with the author, Dr. Robert P. Jones

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Given by Dr. Robert P. Jones August 1, 2021 This is the first meeting of our multi-racial community of anti-racist activists. The book, White Too Long, speaks to the legacy of white supremacy and American Christianity. The three churches involved in this gathering are Pilgrim UCC, Walker Chapel AME Church of Oceanside, and St. John's Church ...

April 2021

March 2021