February 2020

What Kind of Nation Are We? ~ Isaiah 58: 1-2, 9-12

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Given by Rev. Madison Shockley February 9, 2020 Recent events in our nation require us to ask what kind of nation are we. We are looking at what happened at the National Prayer Breakfast. Prayer is important. We need to be clear about the purposes and practice of prayer in our country.  One does not accuse someone [...]

August 2019

Right Place, Right Time~ Luke 13: 10-17

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Given By Rev. Madison Shockley August 25, 2019 There are many stories of healing by Jesus. Today, healing is done through science. Humans have always suffered and sought relief. We have tried almost everything to gain relief. Jesus was known as a healer. Our reading tells of Jesus healing a woman on the Sabbath causing [...]

May 2019

Holy Now~John 5: 1-9

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Given By Rev. Jaime Romo May 26, 2019 Today is Memorial Day. It is also Safe Church Sunday. We are reflecting on healing. We may be feeling a mixture of feelings; reverence, respect, anxiety, loss, and/or grief. Memorial Day began as a way to honor and grieve for the losses of the Civil War. It [...]

October 2018

Make Space For Grief ~ Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

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Given By Rev. Kathleen Lambert on October 28, 2018 The ancient text describe a simpler time. We were closely connected to nature. All activities were tied to the seasons. There is a season for everything. We can not do everything at once. God walks with us through each season. God has given us the gift [...]

May 2018

Safe Church:From Crazy Dancing to a Movement John 15: 9-17

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Given By Rev. Jaime Romo May 6 2018 The church community, 90 years after Jesus's death, was evolving. Today's reading speaks to this transformation. This Sunday is both Safe Church Sunday and communion. Both are about community and connection. The reading from John touches on love, friendship, and the commandments. John speaks about going out [...]

March 2017

Holy Healthcare

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https://vimeo.com/213369813 Given By Rev. Madison Shockley March 26, 2017 Today's reading coincides with the current topic involving healthcare. Our government is wrestling with just how much healthcare should be available. The Gospel of John should not be taken literally. It is a story of Jesus healing a blind man. His disciples ask whose sin led [...]

October 2016

Like A Good Neighbor, Pilgrim Is Here

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https://vimeo.com/190443224 Today's reading of the Parable of the Good Samaritan is one of the most well-known stories from the Bible. While it has some problems, it has a powerful message of compassion and generosity for us today. The first problem is the traditional interpretation of this parable is anti-Jewish, the "good Samaritan" and the [...]

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