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December 2021

Music I Can Dance To~ Luke 1: 46-55

By | December 19th, 2021|sermons|

Given by Rev. Madison Shockley December 19, 2021 Today we hear one of the birth narratives.  Luke's version differs from Matthew's. These are not historical accounts. The purpose for Luke's narrative is so the readers understand the meaning of Jesus from birth until death. The birth of Jesus accomplishes the task of letting the poor ...

September 2021

Can’t We All Just Get Along~ The Gospel of Luke 11: 1-4

By | September 26th, 2021|sermons|

Given by Rev. Madison Shockley September 26, 2021 War is devastating for those involved. The U.S. is fortunate to have had only one major war on its soil, the Civil War. On January 6th, a different kind of war impacted us, the Culture War. Dr. Donald Schneider wrote An Ethic for Enemies where he talks about forgiveness ...

May 2021

What A Year~ Isaiah 6: 1-8

By | May 30th, 2021|sermons|

Given by Rev. Madison Shockley May 30, 2021 This past year has been extraordinary. The passages from our reading are among the most well-known. This talks about the call of the prophet Isaiah. A prophet speaks truth to kings and leaders and to the people. After the death of a leader, it disorients the nation. Isaiah ...

April 2021

November 2020

Ezekiel Man of God~ Ezekiel 18-19, 20, 30-32

By | November 15th, 2020|sermons|

Given by Rev. Carl Crider November 15, 2020 Our reading does not sound like it was made over 2,600 years ago. It describes events of both today and the past equally well. Ezekiel called the people of Judah to be accountable for their actions.  He also reminded everyone that God was concerned about all people. ...

October 2017

A Brief History of Rock: 60 years of Ministry

By | October 22nd, 2017|sermons| Given By Rev. Robert W. Lee IV on October 22, 2017 The sermon today takes its inspiration from the old hymn Rock of Ages. The Reverend Robert W. Lee IV offered us a bit of background. His mother is a nurse. Back in the early 1980's, she was on the front lines of the AIDS crisis. ...

February 2017

Saving the Soul…of America

By | February 5th, 2017|sermons|

February is the beginning of Black History Month. Over the course of this month, we will explore the contributions of Blacks to our religious life. These contributions take many forms; breaching, biblical scholarship, liturgy, music, and social and spiritual transformation (now known as social justice).

December 2014

October 2014